Visa to USA

Visa to United States

The US Visa Application Center will operate as usual for receiving and issuing documents from September 1, 2020 with restrictions on the acceptance of certain categories of visas.

According to A2zgov, citizens of Ukraine need to apply for a visa to enter the United States.
Getting it is not an easy procedure that requires work experience and knowledge of the nuances of submitting
documents to the consulate.

Visa support to the United States of America

Type of visa and validity period Visa type Terms of registration Cost, $

Multivisa in the USA

US visa validity corridor 10 years

When booking a tour

TourismIN 2 from 5 working days 50USD

Multivisa in the USA

US visa validity corridor 10 years

BusinessIN 1 from 5 working days 60 USD

Multivisa in the USA

US visa validity corridor 10 years

from 5 working days 60 USD

US transit visa

Corridor and validity period of the visa at the discretion of the visa officer

TransitC1 from 5 working days 60 USD

The consular fee of the Embassy of the United States of America is 160 USD, paid in hryvnia equivalent at any branch of Raiffeisen Bank Aval before making an appointment for an interview!

Preparation of documents in 1 day, additionally paid in the amount of 20 USD

The US visa fee includes:

  • Filling out the questionnaire online
  • Consultation on all visa issues
  • Flight booking
  • Preparation of documents
  • Registration for an interview

RECOMMENDED LIST OF DOCUMENTS required for obtaining a visa to the United States of America:

  • A foreign passport valid for at least 6 months after the expected date of return from the United States;
    – If available, provide other passports (copy and original);
  • Ukrainian (internal) passport copies of all pages;
  • Identification code (copy);
  • One color photo in electronic form:
    – taken no more than 6 months ago, size 50 mm X 50 mm, 50% of the face on a white background, without frame and corner;
    – ears should be open, head without a hat, without sunglasses;
  • Certificate from the place of work, on letterhead, which indicates: the telephone number and address of the employer, personal data of the employee, position, salary, phrase about maintaining the workplace and salary for the period of the trip. The certificate is certified by the signature of the head and chief accountant, with the official seal of the organization;
  • Financial guarantees:
    – bank statement on the account balance (if the account was opened less than 6 months ago, then the date of account opening should not be indicated in the statement) + cash flow statement for 6 months;
  • Documents confirming the existence of property (movable / immovable);
  • Copy of marital status document (marriage/divorce/death);
  • Birth certificate of children (copy);
  • Questionnaire;
  • Invitation;
  • Proof of residency in the United States for the duration of the trip.

For students / pupils :

  • birth certificate;
  • original Ukrainian passports of BOTH parents;
  • certificate from the educational institution (on a form confirming the consent of the educational institution to leave the child within the specified time)
  • sponsor’s statement and all financial and other documents of the sponsor;

For children traveling without parents or with one parent:

  • power of attorney certified by a notary about the departure of the child or a copy of the certificate of a single mother, or a certificate from the police about the impossibility of establishing the whereabouts of the father, or the ORIGINAL death certificate / court decision;
  • copies of foreign passports of each parent (all pages);

If necessary, the Embassy of the United States of America may require you to provide additional documents.

Visa to USA

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