Vilnius in Lithuania

Vilnius in Lithuania

The city Vilnius is located in the Republic of Lithuania and is both the largest city and the capital of the country. In the past centuries, Vilnius has always been an immensely important place for them. The city’s rise began during the Renaissance when the duchy became an equal partner in the Lithuanian-Polish Union. Visit securitypology for Lithuania for Sports Lovers.

The Lithuanian city is not only known by the name of Vilnius. Even under Vilna, little oneRome and Jerusalem of Lithuania is talked about the city. Vilnius has an area of ​​402 square kilometers and about a quarter of a million people.

Visitors to the city will be delighted as there are some interesting sights to discover in Vilnius.

So you should n’t miss the old town. It has an area of ​​360 hectares and extends on the banks of the Neris.
The old town of Vilnius is one of the largest and best preserved old towns in Europe. In 1994 the old town was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Tourists who are interested in architecture get their money’s worth in the old town. There is a wide range of different historical buildings in a wide variety of styles. The most interesting buildings are the Church of St. Anne, the Church of St. John, the Baroque Church of St. Kazimir, the Gate of Dawn and the Town hall.

If you like to go shopping, the Gedimino Prospektas is the place for you. This is the city’s main shopping street. The road runs from the west of Vilnius all the way to the Lithuanian Parliament.

Other interesting squares and streets of the Lithuanian city are the Cathedral Square, the Pilies Street, the town hall square and the Skapo Street.

The capital of Lithuania has many impressive buildings to offer its visitors, such as: B. the Europaturm. The Europa Tower is the tallest skyscraper in the entire Baltic States. It has a height of 148 meters and is the main part of the cityscape of Vilnius. The Europaturm is the symbol of the city and is very popular with tourists, as there is a viewing platform at a height of 144 meters. From there you have a wonderful view over the old town of Vilnius.

The Vilnius TV tower is also worth a visit. The tower reaches a height of 326 meters and was built between 1974 and 1980. There is a viewing deck at a height of 190 meters, from which one has a wonderful view over the city. Every year at Christmas time, the tower is decorated as a Christmas tree. The Vilnius TV tower was the scene of a sad event in January 1991, the Vilnius Bloody Sunday. Several demonstrating people were run over by tanks at the tower. At the base of the tower there is a memorial for the people who perished that day.

The Frank Zappa statue is also worth seeing. It was unveiled in 1995 and is the first statue for the famous rock star.

Another landmark of the city is the house of the signatories. It is located on Pilies Street and on February 16, 1918, it was the place where Lithuania’s independence was established in writing.
The impressive building was erected in 1645 and has served various purposes over the centuries. Extensive renovations took place during the nineteenth century, changing the architectural style in the neo-renaissance style. Inside the building there is also the White Sztral Café, which is part of the National Museum of Lithuania.

The Vilnius City Hall is something special. The building was first mentioned in 1432 in old documents. But the current building is a few years younger, it was only built in 1799 in the neo-renaissance style.

Other impressive buildings in Vilnius are the Gate of Dawn, the Cathedral of the Theotokos, the Cathedral of St. Stanislaus, the Church of St. Anne, and the Church of St. Peter and Paul.

There are also plenty of palaces and castles to admire in Vilnius. The Gediminas Castle is an absolute must. Unfortunately it is only a ruin, but still a landmark of the city. The castle is located on the hill of the same name and dates from the fourteenth or fifteenth century. Other magnificent buildings are the Royal Palace of Lithuania and the Radvila Palace.

Museum lovers will be delighted with Vilnius. One of the most interesting museums in the city is the Adam Mickiewicz Museum. The museum opened in 1898. The reason was Adam Mickiewicz’s hundredth birthday.

The Alexander Pushkin Museum is also worth a detour. Here you can marvel at six authentically furnished rooms from the nineteenth century.

Other interesting museums include the Amber Museum, the National Museum of Lithuania and the Museum of Applied Arts.

Art and culture do not have to be neglected on a vacation in Vilnius, as there is a multitude of different theaters and opera houses where you can spend wonderful evenings. There are also plenty of parks and gardens in Vilnius, where you can relax from long sightseeing tours.

Vilnius in Lithuania

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