US 30 in Indiana

US 27 and 30 in Indiana

US 27 in Indiana

US 27
Get started West College Corner
End Fort Wayne
Length 118 mi
Length 190 km








Fort Wayne

According to foodezine, US 27 is a US Highway in the US state of Indiana. The road forms a north-south route through the east of the state, from the Ohio border through Richmond to Fort Wayne, where the road ends at Interstate 69. The road is 190 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 27 at Richmond.

US 27 at Fort Wayne.

At the village of West College Corner, US 27 in Ohio enters the state of Indiana from Cincinnati and goes first northwest, then due north. This part leads through meadows and a number of shallow river valleys with some forest. One then reaches the city of Richmond from the south. In the center of the town you cross the US 40 and on the north side Interstate 70. US 35 also crosses I-70 here.

After Richmond, US 27 continues north through mostly meadows. About 20 miles north of Richmond, at the village of Lynn, you cross US 36. It then passes through a few larger villages and regularly crosses a state route. This part of Indiana is quite flat, with some low slopes in the landscape and hardly any forest. At Decatur, US 33 merges from Columbus, and both routes continue together to Fort Wayne. From Decatur, the road also has 2×2 lanes. On the southeast side of Fort Wayne, a city with more than 250,000 inhabitants, one crosses Interstate 469Fort Wayne’s East Beltway. US 27 then has 2×2 lanes with a median strip and splits through the city into two one-way roads. The road leads through the small town center and crosses the Maumee River. US 27 then ends at a cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 69 on the north side of town. State Route 3 then continues to Kendallville, and I-69 handles traffic from Indianapolis to Lansing in Michigan.


US 27 at Deerfield.

US 27 was created in 1926 and then had its northern terminus at Cheboygan in northern Michigan. The route was shortened to Fort Wayne in 2002. The US 27 is not of great importance to Indiana, apart from the terminus Fort Wayne, the US 27 does not serve any major cities, only Richmond has a regional importance.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 3,700 vehicles cross the Ohio border, increasing to a maximum of 20,800 vehicles in Richmond off I-70. Between Richmond and Decatur, the intensity fluctuates between 3,000 and 9,000 vehicles and 13,000 vehicles on the 2×2 section to Fort Wayne. About 23,000 vehicles pass through Fort Wayne and 41,000 vehicles on the final stretch before I-69.

US 30 in Indiana

US 30
Get started Dyer
End Townley
Length 152 mi
Length 244 km







Columbia City

Fort Wayne


According to bittranslators, US 30 is a US Highway in the US state of Indiana. The road forms an important east-west route through the north of the state, and is extended with a minimum of 2×2 lanes along the entire route, but is not a highway. The road enters the state at Dyer, in the southern suburban area of ​​Chicago, and then runs to Fort Wayne and on to the Ohio border. The road is 244 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 30 at Van Wert in eastern Indiana.

At Dyer, the 2×2 US 30 in Illinois from Joliet enters the state of Indiana and is then a 2×2 lane urban arterial through the southernmost Chicago suburbs in Indiana. At Schererville you cross the US 41. At an industrial estate in Merrillville one then crosses Interstate 65. After this one leaves the urban area of ​​Chicago and the road runs as a 2×2 divided highway to the east. The road is wide, with emergency lanes and a central reservation, but has level crossings and sometimes a single yard connection. The road passes by Valparaiso. About 12 kilometers east, at the village of Wanatah you cross the US 421.

US 30 is then a country road and passes through agricultural fields, an area without much forest. The connection with US 35 at Grovertown is grade separated. About 30 miles to the east, at Plymouth, one crosses the more important US 31, a 2×2 divided highway from Indianapolis to South Bend. US 30 gradually descends slightly to the south, passing the regional town of Warsaw and then Columbia City. You then reach the conurbation of Fort Wayne, a city of more than 250,000 inhabitants.

US 33 from Elkhart then merges, after which US 30 crosses the north ring of Fort Wayne, via Interstate 69 and Interstate 469. US 33 runs through the southern ring road. On the north side of the city, US 27 ends at I-69/US 30 and on the east side of Fort Wayne it crosses US 24 which leads to Toledo. US 30 then exits from I-469 and continues in 2×2 lanes for the last 15 miles to the Ohio border. US 30 in Ohio then continues to Mansfield.


US 30 was created in 1926. The road is quite important in Indiana, as it connects the Chicago metropolitan area with the larger city of Fort Wayne. The US 30 follows part of the Lincoln Highway, a car trailfrom the early 20th century, the first part of which was built in 1915 in the Fort Wayne area. In the early 1920s, the Lincoln Highway was moved south from South Bend, through the centers of Plymouth and Warsaw. Because US 30 is an important road, it was already widened to 2×2 lanes in the 1960s. The entire US 30 in Indiana now has 2×2 lanes. Beginning in the 1990s, I-469 was built around Fort Wayne, over which US 30 would be routed, via the north side of Fort Wayne. The first part of this opened in 1993 along the east side of Fort Wayne. In 1995, the northern section opened so that through traffic on US 30 no longer had to pass through Fort Wayne.

Traffic intensities

US 30 is a fairly busy highway by Midwestern standards, especially in the Chicago area. 44,000 vehicles crossed the Illinois border daily in 2006, which remains high at 42,000 vehicles until it connects with I-65. After Valparaiso, intensities drop to just under 15,000 vehicles. There are 14,000 vehicles at Plymouth and a maximum of 23,000 vehicles at Warsaw. Between Columbia City and Fort Wayne there are 22,000 vehicles and 19,000 vehicles east of Fort Wayne and 12,000 vehicles on the Ohio border.

US 30 in Indiana

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