Trogir, Croatia

Trogir, Croatia

20 kilometers north of Split is Trogir, founded in the 3rd century BC. e. This is another place in Croatia that can rightfully be called a museum city. The historic old town is located on a small island, separated by a narrow channel from the mainland and a wider channel from the large island of Ciovo. The main part of the population of Trogir lives in the mainland of the city and on Ciovo.

The historical part of Trogir impresses with a unique set of palaces, temples, towers and ancient buildings, and the streets of the “old town” intertwined into a labyrinth make Trogir completely different from any other city on the Croatian coast. For Croatia climate and geography, please check TopPharmacySchools.

How to call

8-10-385-21-phone number

How to get there

Trogir is located 250 km from Dubrovnik, 20 km from Split and 7 km from Split Airport. The city is connected by bus routes to Split and regular intercity bus services to other major Croatian cities. A taxi from the city center to the beaches of Trogir will cost 60-90 HRK, a taxi to Split ~ 265-350 HRK.

The prices on the page are for December 2021.

Trogir beaches

There are no beaches within the city: there is a port that accepts all kinds of ships and boats, luxury yachts and motorboats. Therefore, for swimming, you need to get there – on foot, by taxi / bus or by water. In the season, from the center of Trogir, from the port, every half an hour or an hour, small ships (20-25 people) depart, which deliver tourists to the beaches: the first stop is the Meden Hotel (20-25 HRK, 10 minutes on the way); and so on. The fare depends on the distance. Starting from Medena and further north there are excellent pebble beaches with developed infrastructure – bars, ice cream parlors, mini-golf, table tennis.

All beaches in Trogir are pebbly; often come across sea urchins, so you need either slippers to enter the water, or a sharp eye to look out for “fluffy” dangerous lumps in the water.

The cost of renting two sun loungers and an umbrella for the whole day is ~ 25-70 HRK.

Shopping: Trogir shops

In the historical part of the city, on the island, there are many souvenir shops that are located on the street leading from the pedestrian bridge, as well as in the vicinity of the main square with the cathedral. There you can buy magnets, plates (from 40 HRK), sea sponges for the body (the cost depends on the size, from 50 HRK), beach bags and towels, cosmetics, T-shirts and so on. Notable is the Aqua store, which sells good quality products in a marine theme: towels, bags, cups, T-shirts and all kinds of home accessories in fashionable white and blue stripes.

For fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as slippers for entering the sea and a pareo, you should take a walk to the market. It is located between the pedestrian and vehicle bridges that connect the island to the mainland of the city. Olive oil, wine, tincture “Slivovitz” or “Travaritsa” is better to look for in nearby supermarkets: more choice, reasonable prices, quality.

Entertainment and attractions of Trogir

Trogir is famous for its stone architecture and carvings, rich in museums and churches, and the main value of the city is the Romanesque cathedral of the 13th-14th centuries, listed by UNESCO in the list of monuments of world culture.

The Cathedral of St. Lovro is the largest building in the old town with a high bell tower. Northern gate and a statue of St. Ivan Ursini, patron saint of the city. The City Walls and Kamerlengo is a 15th century fortress located on the western tip of the old city.

Other attractions: The Prince’s Palace, the Romanesque church of St. John the Baptist, the Gothic Dominican church on the waterfront, the neo-Gothic Chipico Palace and the City Hall.

In the suburbs of Trogir, that is, directly on its beaches, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Tennis or table tennis (game hour ~ 20-40 HRK), mini-golf (one club per hour 15 HRK), bike rental (two hours ~ 50-70 HRK, no deposit needed), children’s karting, trampolines, badminton, billiards, boat trips and so on.

In the city itself, the best entertainment is shopping or a pleasant evening in a restaurant (fish dishes ~ 80-150 HRK, beer 15-23 HRK).

Trogir, Croatia

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