Study in Saint Mary’s University 4

Study in Saint Mary’s University (4)

The application was relatively easy with the help of MicroEDU. I always got a quick answer to questions and problems. MicroEDU was also very helpful in choosing my target country and university. Ultimately, I chose Saint Mary’s in Halifax.


At the SMU I took the courses Forensic Psychology (PSYCH338) with Meg Ternes, Health Psychology (PSYCH4490) with Dr. Ozier and Counseling & Psychotherapy (PSYCH 4436) with Marc Blumberg. All in all, none of the courses were too demanding in terms of level, but I still had to invest more time than in Germany. Each course took place twice a week and was very similar in structure to school lessons in Germany. Attendance was partially checked; depending on the course, there were weekly tests, assignments, midterms and a final exam at the end of the semester.

I would not recommend the Counseling & Psychotherapy course if you are planning a lot of weekend trips, as you take an online test every Friday. Otherwise, the course gives a good overview of the various therapeutic approaches in psychology. Read more student reviews on Educationvv.

In Health Psychology you write a total of four tests and Dr. Ozier runs the seminars in a rather entertaining way. It is helpful to have some prior knowledge of how the brain and immune system work. Without it, the course is easy to master.

Personally, I found Forensic Psychology to be very interesting. This was also the only course that you can do well without a textbook.

Overall, the professors are always very helpful and easy to reach.


Due to the mandatory meal plan and the relatively high costs, I decided against a place in the dormitory. Actually, I wanted to look for accommodation on site first, but then found a room in a house with other internationals relatively easily in advance via the website I know some who were happy with their room in the residence, but I’m glad I lived off campus. So you were a little more flexible with the moving in and moving out dates and were not tied to the cafeteria meal. I am glad that I already found my room from Germany, but by searching on site you may find cheaper accommodation.


Halifax itself is incredibly beautiful with a variety of bars in the Downtown and North End, Point Pleasant Park, the Waterfront and the Public Gardens. You can walk almost anywhere, and if not, Halifax has an acceptable bus system. An ice hockey game by the Mooseheads shouldn’t be missed either.

If you are interested in cultural events, the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium offers concerts and other performances. On Saturday mornings you should definitely go to the Farmer’s Market and on Sunday there is live music on the Lower Deck. Especially in winter, the city enchants you with beautiful Christmas decorations and lots of lights. During the semester, I would recommend everyone to go on as many trips as possible! Halifax and the surrounding area is just gorgeous.


As part of the Welcome Week we went to Peggy’s Cove, which I would definitely recommend everyone to do. It’s also pretty easy to rent a car for day and weekend trips. Halifax is easy to get to Cape Breton, Fundy National Park and the Fundy Trail, and whale watching in the Digby area; for example, you can go to Chester and Lunenburg on the Lighthouse Route; to Kejimkuji National Park… In addition, you can fly from Halifax to Montreal, Quebec, Boston, New York, etc. on the weekends or via Fall Term.

Establish contacts

The Canadians are very open and warm people and make it very easy to feel at home. It’s relatively easy to get in touch with them and chat. Otherwise there were some events at the International Welcome Week that allow you to get to know other international students.


The entry into Canada was uncomplicated even though I only had one ticket for the outward flight. I only booked the return flight after the dates for the finals had been announced.


In total, I was at the SMU for a semester, about three and a half months. Although I enjoyed the time very much, I found it a bit too short overall, as you had just settled in and had to leave again. So I think that if you have the time, consider staying in Halifax for two semesters.


When you first hear the name Halifax, you probably don’t think of a particularly exciting place. Many can only imagine something by saying that the city is on the east coast of Canada. I felt the same way.
I would like to explain to you why Halifax is still a lovable and worth seeing city and why a semester abroad is definitely worthwhile…


I was surprised how easy it was to prepare for the semester abroad with the help of MicroEDU. On the spur of the moment I visited the MicroEDU office, filled out a few documents and a short time later I was admitted to the Saint Mary’s University (SMU). MicroEDU took care of the planning and organization of my semester abroad competently. I can therefore only recommend MicroEDU to anyone planning a semester abroad. You save a lot of time and effort when you contact MicroEDU directly.

Study in Saint Mary’s University 4

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