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Anyone interested in getting to know the Asian region has come to the right place in Singapore. Many nationalities and cultures meet in Singapore. The subdivision of the city itself also makes this clear. For example there is a neighborhood called “Little India” and there you get the culture and mentality of India up close and it is very authentic. Furthermore, Singapore is very well located to visit countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia very quickly and cheaply.

However, if you want to use your semester abroad to improve your average at university and also meet your high standards abroad, you would definitely be wrong in Singapore or at James Cook University (JCU).

The JCU has a lot to offer and is a lot of fun. Nevertheless, the level of learning is very low and the grading is very elitist.

The University

As already mentioned, the level is not exactly appealing. During your stay you have four lectures and the associated tutorial, which makes up a total of eight learning events per week. A trimester at JCU consists of a total of 10 weeks, one week of which is a so-called “study week”. Nevertheless, it is possible that exams will take place this week or that lectures will be rescheduled.

You should keep this in mind and inquire at the university before planning to travel this week.

The examination results depend on the subjects that have been chosen. There is no standardized examination system at the JCU.

With my choice of subjects, I had two “mid-term” exams in the 5th week, which consisted of multiple choice questions. During the 10 weeks I had to do a total of 6 scientific papers that had different “submission weeks”. In addition, I had to write weekly online tests for two subjects. And at the end of the trimester there were 4 final exams. In total, I came up with over 35 exams in 10 weeks.

This sounds like a lot; Due to the level there, it was doable and also stress-free. You had to prepare more or less intensively for the final exams, but you can do the rest on the side.

The courses can be selected in advance using a form. You can get these from MicroEDU, so you can’t go wrong. However, it is very difficult to change courses again when the university actually starts.

Apart from the lectures, the JCU has many associations and clubs that are freely accessible to every student. For example, the JCU has its own soccer team that meets once a week to train (but only plays) and on the weekend it plays against other teams from the relevant league.

The living

Singapore is often referred to as the “Fine City”, with the ambiguous meaning that on the one hand the city is great, on the other hand there are many fines.

However, the punishments don’t limit your life and you really don’t have to worry. If you behave “normally” and don’t throw cigarettes, papers or other objects on the street, you are on the safe side. Certainly there are penalties for, for example, drinking on the train or for crossing the street when it is red. But if you have this in mind and stick to it (shouldn’t be that difficult) my worries there.

Singapore is very expensive when it comes to accommodation, alcohol and tobacco. And when you go out to eat in “real” restaurants.

Fortunately, there are a lot of “stool centers” (one is also a 2-minute walk from the university), where you can find a lot of different food stalls and pay an average of 3 euros for a full meal.

Leisure / celebrations

There is so much to inquire about in Singapore and it has many attractions (Marina Bay Sands, Chinatown, Botanical Gardens, Sentosa etc.); therefore nobody can get bored.

The city is very well organized when it comes to public transport. The trains run every 5 minutes on average and you can visit all the exciting things by public transport.

Singapore is also a great place to party. There are many clubs and bars in Clarke Quay. On Wednesdays there is “Ladies Night”. As a woman, you can enter the discotheques free of charge and receive two free drinks. Men (unfortunately) have to pay. The price is around 24 euros, with two drinks free of charge. If you want to save yourself the entrance fee, you can do so by adding yourself to the guest list. In Singapore you quickly meet people who can do it or who know the club owners.


The JCU organizes viewing appointments for possible accommodations. In advance, you will be sent a PowerPoint presentation with all the possible accommodations so that you can make a pre-selection and the viewing day will not be too long for you.


Singapore is great and I would do it again anytime. The application on the JCU can be quite tiring, because a lot of paperwork needs to be done. But the effort is worth it! In addition, MicroEDU is an enormous help, as they correct all papers there and also explain what has to be filled out and always inform you in good time.

Privacy - JCU Singapore

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