Study at James Cook University Singapore (24)

Study at James Cook University Singapore (24)

6.4.4 Interactive Marketing

This subject is relatively simple and from level 2. The aim is to understand the digital consumer and, as a company, to adapt and present oneself as best as possible to the changed consumer behavior on the internet, social networks and online shopping. We learned tips and tricks what a website has to offer to make us “repeat offenders” when shopping online without us noticing!

There was no exam, instead there were four projects of varying scope. The most exciting thing was that we should look for an idea from the Kickstarter website (where visionaries offer their new product ideas and ask for crowdfunding) and shoot a promotional video for it. To pass, it was necessary to then upload the video to YouTube. That was really practical !

7 Finding an apartment

To avoid surprises, the first thing you should accept is that the standard of living in Singapore is different from that in Germany. Due to the absurdly high rental prices, it is foresighted to make friends with the idea of ​​maybe sharing a room in order to share the costs.

But from the beginning. There are generally three options for living in Singapore: in private houses as a subtenant, in a shared apartment in a condo and in HDBs (state-financed
apartment blocks) – in descending price categories. Because of the lack of space, the rental prices for a common room (single room without private bathroom) in a condo are around + 1200S $. A master room (room with its own, mostly adjoining bathroom) easily costs 1500S $. Those who cannot afford that either move into a hostel, share a room or are incredibly lucky in their search!

If you want to go looking for an apartment on your own, you can rent a hostel on arrival and start looking for an apartment from there. It is worth arriving at least 1 week, if not 2 weeks earlier, in order to have enough time to look for an apartment. Then you are really on the safe side to have found a “home” before the start of the trimester. Suitable sites are, for example: or or

My experience has been that there is an enormous “room envelope”. This means that there are tons of rooms in all possible locations and equipment variants. What limits the suitable rooms, however, is only our budget. And how much you value your German standard or your own room with privacy, everyone has to decide for themselves.

The JCU also offers so-called off-campus hostels. These are conveyed to the students via the JCU and have humane prices, but the comfort is decreasing.

In summary:

  • Apartments in Singapore are very expensive
  • Under no circumstances rent from Germany
  • You have to arrive early to find something good / suitable
  • There are also many scammers out there
  • Live where you feel most comfortable
  • The only thing that limits you is your budget

8 Conclusion

Honestly? A mega experience, a mega city and incredibly lovely people that I didn’t want to miss to meet !!!! One thing is clear: Let’s do it again, lah !! “I can only recommend it to you, regardless of whether you are going to Singapore or you decide to go to another country: DO IT !!! Make your international experience, you can only grow from yourself!

For the thoughtful:

For me as a conscientious student, Singapore was also the classroom for life, because this completely different teaching system really challenged me. The many deadlines and sluggish group work with a high level of personal contribution really strained my nerves and strength. In addition, the fact that others have an influence on your performance and thus directly on your major subject grades was difficult for a perfectionist like me.

BUT clearly here: under stress, you learn the most about yourself! And in all honesty, compared to the lectures in Singapore, any of our events, no matter how hard the lecturer tries, is damn dry! 😉

9 tips

9.1 Tips in Singapore

  • Use the Airport Pick-Up Service provided by JCU (free of charge)
  • Eat everything that is offered to you, try as much as you can!
  • Experience the sunset in the 1-Altitude Bar. It has a 360 ° C view of the entire city.
  • If there is an opportunity to work with Europeans, do it.
  • If you have to choose between a room with or without a pool, the pool wins!
  • To get to know locals, join various clubs at the JCU.
  • Go to Little India at least one Sunday to dive into another world.
  • In the ‘Mustafa’ Center (Little India) you can buy (almost) everything
  • Wednesdays is ladies night, free entry for ladies and it’s worth it!
  • Anyone who knows Anastacia (JCU student) always has free entry

9.2 Tips for traveling

  • Time is more valuable than money
  • Never hand in your passport
  • US $ are required for VISAs or you will be ripped off
  • Almost everything is negotiable (and you MUST negotiate)
  • Always check the exchange rate, as you will be punished for ignorance
  • Always have a golden reserve hidden so that you can come home even if your luggage is stolen or your credit card is lost
  • Calculate that buses and trains are almost always delayed or, in extreme cases, fail completely.
  • A scooter is an inexpensive and recommended means of exploring an area

Study at James Cook University Singapore (24)

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