Sights of Houston, Texas

Sights of Houston, Texas

Sights of Houston. The most important and interesting sights of Houston – photos and videos, descriptions and reviews, location, sites.

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States, one of five cities with permanent theater groups, the one and only “space city”. The capital of the state of Texas is not only the brain and soul of the American space program, but also a bustling, active and eternally young city, where the free spirit of America is so clearly felt. See topschoolsoflaw for brief history of Minnesota.

The very best

Houston’s number one attraction is, of course, the Lyndon Johnson Space Center, where NASA specialists supervise spacecraft launches and support astronauts aboard the ISS. It costs nothing to come here with a tour, and, unlike the domestic Star City, no long lists of documents and assurances of reliability are required. Buy a ticket – and welcome to the rocket hangars, the shuttle cockpit and even the Mission Control Center!

The Houston Museum Quarter includes 20 museums, galleries and cultural centers spread across a 2 sq. km. Following one of 4 walking routes, you can see one of the best private art collections in the country – the Menil Collection, meditate in the Rothko Chapel of All Faiths, admire Rembrandt and the Impressionists at the Museum of Fine Arts and learn more about life on planet Earth at the Museum of Natural Sciences.

Museum Quarter’s twin brother is Houston’s Theater District. Admirers of the classical arts rush here to the performances of the Grand Opera and the Houston Ballet, music lovers delight their ears with the refined sounds of the Houston Symphony Orchestra, and both comedies and tragedies are staged in the Alley Center.


Despite its solid size and a Manhattan-style downtown, Houston is also a very green city, whose residents love to walk and play sports in parks and gardens. The oldest is German Park, whose territory borders on the zoo, so a walk can easily be combined with watching very well-groomed animals of thousands of species.

The waterfall park is not only 118 powerful Texas oaks surrounded by emerald lawns, but also a spectacular horseshoe fountain, from a 20-meter height of which a dense wall of water falls. Bayou Bend Gardens is a picturesque park in the spirit of French landscape art, the pavilion of which houses a branch of the Museum of Fine Arts. And in the Cullen Sculpture Garden there are unique creations by Rodin and Matisse.

For kids

Having captivated your child with the many scientific wonders of the NASA Space Center and the mysteries of the Universe at the Museum of Natural Sciences, you should definitely continue the fascinating cultural trip to the Children’s Museum of Houston – its name speaks for itself. Take a look at the Houston Zoo, and then go to the Museum of Health, where you will have the opportunity to explore the human body from the inside, traveling through different body systems.

Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo, USA: detailed description, address and photo. Animal species, zoo tours, tourist reviews.

The Houston Zoo is a rainforest, African savannah and a dozen other ecosystems of the Earth that can be seen in the metropolis. 6000 animals of 900 species live here. Gorillas and elephants, lions and golden tamarins, sea lions and tigers and many other representatives of the planet’s fauna live in conditions as close to natural as possible. In addition to the aquarium and the African Forest Pavilion, there is the Bug House, where you can watch the largest insects, a children’s petting zoo, and an open area from which visitors can feed the giraffes themselves. The zoo also hosts interesting master classes and lectures about animals.

Houston Pass guest card holders can enter the zoo free of charge.

What to watch

The Houston Zoo covers an area of ​​22 hectares, formally part of Herman Park. The territory is divided into animal habitats according to the geographical principle.

The African forest ecosystem zone is one of the most visited, because it is here that you can see giraffes and mountain gorillas, watch rhinos, chimpanzees, ostriches and zebras. The huge enclosure of Asian elephants also deserves attention: 8 adults and a growing brood of babies live here.

Elephant keepers regularly tell visitors about their wards: you will learn, for example, that the pregnancy of elephants lasts 22 months – more than any other inhabitant of the planet. And in the warm season, look at the bathing of these giants.

The primate enclosure contains African and Asian monkeys: mandrills, sifakas, monkeys, gwenons, ring-tailed lemurs, tamarins, siamans and orangutans. The department of artiodactyls is a well-deserved pride of the zoo: recently, an okapi cub was born here for the first time in captivity. Look out for fearsome but shy warthogs, tapirs, markhors and touching duikers.

African lions and Malayan tigers, jaguars and cougars, African spotted dogs, fosses, cougars and other big cats live in the predator section. The aquarium presents more than 2,000 fish of 200 species from all over the world, and 180 varieties of cold-blooded ones will meet you in the reptile and amphibian pavilion. A company of California sea lions and over 800 birds complete the colorful picture of the diversity of life on Earth.

The zoo not only shows animals, but is also actively involved in the conservation of endangered species. Gorilla and Galapagos tortoise, Borneo orangutans, clouded leopard, okapi, cheetah are just a few of the species that are being repopulated here.

Practical Information

Address: 6200 Hermann Park Dr. Houston. Website. The nearest MetroRail stations are Hermann Park/Rice University and Memorial Hermann Hospital/Houston Zoo.

Opening hours: in summer – from 9:00 to 19:00, in winter from 9:00 to 18:00.

Entrance – 27.95 USD, children under 11 years old – 22.95 USD. Children under 2 years old enter free of charge. During the summer period, admission to the zoo on the last Tuesday of the month is free. The prices on the page are for June 2021.

Sights of Houston, Texas

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