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White sandy beaches, colorful coral reefs, endless nature and exotic animals – Oceania is probably the most dazzling of all regions of the world. The idea of ​​easy life in dreamy surroundings has always attracted the adventurous to the southern hemisphere of the planet. Today it is mainly backpackers and tourists who have discovered destinations like Australia and New Zealand for themselves.

Geography of Oceania

Together with Papua New Guinea, these two islands are the main land masses located in the southern Pacific.

With an area of 7.7 million square kilometers, according to countryaah, Australia is by far the largest country on the continent. The largest part of the huge island forms the outback, i.e. the dry interior of the country. Except for kangaroos, red dusty earth and bizarre rock formations, there is often nothing to see for miles here.

In contrast, the country’s coasts are fertile and densely populated. Here you will find green rainforests and eucalyptus forests, dreamy beaches, the largest coral reef on earth and cosmopolitan metropolises such as Sydney, Perth or Melbourne.

The landscape in “neighboring” New Zealand is even more diverse. With a total area of around 270,000 square kilometers, the two main islands are much smaller than Australia, but they are still home to dense rainforests, high mountains, huge glaciers, seething volcanoes, spectacular coastlines and picture-perfect beaches.

In terms of population, the cities of New Zealand cannot be compared with the metropolises of Australia as abbreviated on abbreviationfinder. Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin or Wellington still offer a wide range of leisure activities and are in no way inferior to their Australian counterparts in terms of casualness.

Anyone who has wanderlust and dreams of the South Seas should think about a semester abroad in Oceania.

Reasons for a semester abroad in Oceania

There are good reasons for a semester stay in one of the countries of this fascinating continent:

  • A semester abroad offers the opportunity to get to know the wonderful landscapes and the relaxed lifestyle of Oceania and at the same time to do something for your professional career.
  • Countries like Australia and New Zealand are home to world-class universities that offer international students teaching of the highest quality.
  • A semester abroad in Oceania equips you with foreign language skills and intercultural skills, which are increasingly in demand in professional life.

Study abroad programs in Australia and New Zealand

International students have the opportunity to study one to two semesters at a university in Oceania as part of the so-called Study Abroad program. Virtually all universities in Australia and New Zealand offer such semester programs. The students are spoiled for choice as to where in Oceania they want to spend their semester abroad.

The principle of the semester programs is always the same: The students can take courses from the entire range of the university. They are not limited to a subject or semester. You can therefore choose courses that correspond to the curriculum at your German home university or that are guided by other interests. You then attend the courses with the local students and the exams are the same.

At the end of the semester abroad in Oceania, the students receive a transcript in which the course achievements are listed. If the courses are suitable for studying at the German university, the credit points acquired in Oceania can be counted towards the course. If possible, students should discuss this with their home examination office in advance of their semester abroad. With a skilful choice of course, it is possible to spend one or two semesters in Oceania without prolonging the course.

Application for a semester abroad in Oceania

Another advantage of the Study Abroad programs in Oceania is the ease of application. Applicants do not have to compete with local candidates for the sometimes scarce places for a full course of study. So the chances of getting a place at university are good. The “paperwork” is also limited: in most cases, applicants only need to have a high school diploma and sufficient knowledge of English to be able to participate in the semester program. In some cases, at the beginning of the semester abroad in Oceania, they must have already successfully studied at a university in their home country for one year. Applicants can usually acquire the required English language skills with a standardized test such as theProof of IELTS or TOEFL.

Costs and financing of a semester abroad

The costs for a semester abroad in Oceania vary from university to university. Depending on the location, students should budget between A $ 6,000 and A $ 12,000 tuition fees per semester. The cost of living in Oceania is roughly comparable to that in Germany, with New Zealand being a bit cheaper than Australia.

Foreign BAföG and scholarships

There are various ways of realizing the dream of a semester abroad in Oceania despite the comparatively high costs. Students who study one or two semesters outside of Europe can receive BAföG funding. This includes:

  • Tuition fee grants of up to EUR 4,600
  • Subsidies for travel and living expenses

Foreign BAföG is also partly paid to students who do not receive BAföG in Germany.

Another type of financial support is provided by scholarships, which are awarded to students with particularly good performance. In Germany you should inquire about this at the DAAD or foundations. The Australian and New Zealand universities also give scholarships to international students.

For those who are not entitled to BAföG abroad and also do not receive a scholarship, the semester in Oceania can be financed through an education or student loan.

Visa and entry

For a study stay of more than three months, German students need a visa to study in Oceania. You should apply for this to the relevant embassy in good time. You shouldn’t delay going to the travel doctor until the last second. As a rule, vaccinations are required, with an interval of several weeks between them. Comprehensive health insurance for the semester abroad in Oceania is also compulsory. This is usually completed directly through the host university.

Study in Oceania

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