Must-see Attractions in Venice

Must-see Attractions in Venice

Travel always brings amazing deals that are hard to resist. A trip to Venice can take forever. Here at every step you can get acquainted with the unusual sights of the ancient city on the water. And for those who are lucky enough to come to Italy for just a weekend, we offer a list of what to do in Venice.

What to see in Venice in 2 days

Walking around Venice for just a few days, you will agree that the atmosphere here is saturated with the history of Italy, because each building has a special value that is important to know about. In order not to lose sight of any of the sights of Venice, the city should be visually divided into parts in order to properly group the most interesting places.

According to Top-medical-schools, Piazza San Marco is a real treasure trove for tourists. Here are the oldest buildings in the city.

Among the most interesting architectural heritage of Italy, the Doge’s Palace, the Cathedral of San Marco and the library built nearby should be highlighted. The column of St. Mark and the column of St. Theodore are a real decoration on the square.

You should definitely go to the most significant area of ​​the city, spread over 122 islands, Castello.

Discover the harmony and style of the Church of San Pietro di Castello. In addition, taking a photo at one of the Arsenal berths is already a tradition for tourists. In this place, the oldest warships are kept, which serve as a reminder of daring naval battles and great victories.

It is better to spend your first evening on the Giudecca canal. And it does not matter at all whether you will enjoy a pleasant ride on the famous gondola or have a quiet rest in one of the cozy cafes, tasting the local cuisine of Italy.

Each part of Venice is imbued with a special spirit, catching which you will come to walk around these wonderful islands more than once.

Unusual areas of Venice

Spend your second day in charming Venice surrounded by amazing buildings and natural wonders. So the Cannaregio area is very different for its simple, but very reliable buildings. They were built in the 16th century by Jewish migrants, so an atmosphere of friendliness and strength reigns here.

For shopping and souvenirs of Italy, you can go to the San Polo area, which served as the commercial part of the city. There is still a huge market here. You can also get acquainted with the architecture of the church of San Giacomo di Rialto.

To capture your trip to Venice with vivid pictures, take a walk along the narrow canals of the Burano and Murano districts.

The first is famous for the fabulous rich shades of houses, which together make up the impression of a rainbow descending from heaven. But Murano is famous for its wonderful colored glass. A product made of such glass will be an excellent souvenir, revealing the best aspects of Venice.

Must-see Attractions in Venice

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