Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi, Malaysia

Tour of the islands
Travel by boat. Lion Island, Singa Pasar – reserve of peacocks, iguanas and other animals. On the island of Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Virgin) – a lake with fresh water, swimming in which, according to legend, gives long-awaited happiness to childless couples.
Duration 7 hours

Evening Cruise on the Andaman Sea

Transfer from the hotel. The tour begins with a boat trip through the mangroves, then the tourists transfer to a boat that goes to the Andaman Bay with many bizarre islands, watching the sunset. Light snacks and drinks at the beginning of the cruise. Dinner is served after sunset.
Duration 4 hours

Excursion to the mangrove swamps + crocodile farm.
Boat trip through the mangroves. Eagle feeding. Further inspection of limestone caves, crocodile cave and the island of gypsies – charcoal processors.
Duration 4 hours

Tour to Pulau Payar Marine Park
Travel by ship. The marine reserve, which includes 4 islands,
was created as part of the Malaysian government’s program to preserve the sea and its inhabitants. It is located 45 minutes by high-speed catamaran from the capital. Pulau Payar is considered to be the best marine park in Malaysia. Known for the extraordinary purity of its water, unusually beautiful corals. Transfer by speed boat, snorkeling, lunch, insurance.
Duration 7 hours

Pulau Payar. Underwater World
Opened in March 1996, this is Asia’s largest marine aquarium with over 5,000 fish and marine animals. It is unique for its 15-meter tunnel made at the bottom of the aquarium. Its walls are made of 38 mm tempered and specially processed glass (there are only a few analogues in the world), which allows visitors to feel in close proximity to animals.
Transfer to Pulau Payaar island, glass bottom boat tour, snorkelling. Lunch on the platform, insurance.
Duration 7 hours

Visit Air Khangat Village
Located 16 km north of Kuah and covering an area of ​​4 acres. This place is famous for its hot springs. Here you can also listen to the performance of a folklore ensemble and watch shows with the participation of unusual artists – elephants and snakes.
Duration 4 hours

Excursion to the geological miracle
– waterfall Telaga Tuzhukh or “Seven springs”, consisting of seven cascades of water.
Duration 3.5 hours

Borneo – Sabah

Padas River Rafting (Full Day Tour)
Departure from Kota Kinabalu heading south towards Beaufort (about an hour). Sightseeing tour of Beaufort. Boarding the train to Pangi. The train will pass through secluded villages where representatives of the local Murut tribe live and work. Dive on a boat and set off on an unforgettable journey along the Padas River with its many rapids against the backdrop of a tranquil rainforest. Rafting will take about 2 hours. At the end of the journey you will have lunch (included in the price). After lunch return to Kota Kinabalu.
Note: Bring a bathing suit and a dry change of clothes.

Rafting on the Kiulu River (full day). Travel from Kota Kinabalu to the starting point of rafting on the Kiulu River. The Kiulu River is calmer than the Padas but has more difficult rapids with deep lakes. Rafting will take about 2 hours. At the end of the journey you will have lunch (included in the price). After lunch return to Kota Kinabalu.
Note: Bring a bathing suit and a dry change of clothes.

Kinabalu Park and hot springs.
Kinabalu National Park is the most famous park in Sabah with an area of ​​754 square kilometers, and here is Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Southeast Asia. The flora of the park has 2/3 of the plant flora on Earth, including rare flowers such as dormant orchids, rafflesia – the largest carnivorous plant, etc. The tour starts from a scenic road along the tea plantations and rice fields to the park, during the stop you can the longest rope bridge in the state passing at a height of 41 meters. Walking through the jungle, viewing the mountain garden, those who wish can swim in the hot springs, in the pool with “living water”. Lunch at a local restaurant overlooking the jungle and Mount Kinabalu.

Tour “Rafflesia”.

Walk through the jungle in search of Rafflesia – a unique carnivorous flower that reaches up to 1 meter in diameter. Lunch included.

Cruise down the Garama River to the fireflies. The tour starts at 13.00. Trip to the Garama River, boat cruise on the Garama River, passing through the mangroves, during which you can see long-nosed monkeys (Proboskis) in the trees, which live only in Borneo, macaques, hornbill, buffalo and many other representatives of the fauna of Borneo. The walk continues until sunset. With the onset of darkness, you can see luminous trees covered with many fireflies. Return to the lodge, dinner – barbecue in the open air.

Journey to the tribes of Monsopiades. During this tour, you can see the dwelling of headhunters (the main tribe inhabiting Sabah – Kadazan Dusuns) and learn about their history and get acquainted with the way of life

A trip to the island of Mantanani – a trip to the north of the island, to the town of Belud, where the Bajau tribes, known as sea gypsies, live. In Belud every Sunday, traders from the surrounding villages gather at the TAMU open market. Here you can see various vegetables and fruits, watch the buffalo auction, buy unique souvenirs and local antiques. Then a boat trip to Mantanani Island, the island is famous for its pristine place with white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, coral reefs with rich underwater life, home to reef turtles. Rest on the beach, snorkeling, after lunch return to the hotel. Lunch included.

A trip to Kudat – the northernmost point of Sabah, the habitat of the Rungus tribes living in long houses “Longhouse” (a large long house on stilts, where entire family clans live). Acquaintance with the way of life, if desired, you can try the local rice vodka and have lunch.

Langkawi, Malaysia

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