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Leisure flight directly from Helsinki

King Hussein International Airport is located just outside the city. So far, Aqaba and its neighbor Tala Bay are the only Finnish tour operators in Apollomatkat’s package tour.

The flight is flown on a Finnair direct leisure flight and the trip takes about five hours. There are also occasional departures to Aqaba from time to time.

You can travel to the coast on your own by flying to the capital Amman and continuing from there by taxi, for example. Taxis can travel long distances in Jordan and are an easy and affordable way for tourists to get around. On the Israeli side, Eilat also has an airport.

High quality hotel offer

According to Abbreviation Finder, Aqaba’s hotel offer is constantly growing and there are many types of accommodation to choose from. The best hotels are right on the beach and their large pool areas are pleasantly clean. Many luxury chains have already landed in the city.

However, cheaper accommodation options are also available if you are willing to compromise on the proximity to the beach.

The hotel offer will expand significantly in the coming years. Several major hotel projects are underway in the area and tourism services are being strongly developed.

Getting around and car rental

Aqaba’s downtown area is small and getting around the city is easy. On foot you can get almost anywhere. Where you can’t or won’t walk, it’s best to take a taxi. Getting around by taxi is advantageous. Although taxis have meters in use, you should always check the price in advance.

Car rental is also possible, but consider hiring a taxi and driver for your use instead of driving yourself. It is a smoother solution for the traveler.

However, if you end up in the driver’s seat, make sure there is enough fuel in the tank before heading out of town for longer trips. Sparsely populated areas may not have refueling facilities.



Diving and Snorkeling

The underwater world of the Gulf of Aqaba provides a wonderful setting for diving and snorkeling. The coral reefs that line the coast start in many places right from the beach.

In addition to small, colorful “nemo fish”, whale sharks and rays, among others, belong to the species that live here, and it is also possible to study wrecks.

There are a total of about 30 dive sites and their level of difficulty varies. The approximately 25-kilometer-long coral reef is still in good condition, and it’s important that divers and snorkelers be patient to keep their hands in check.

Retki Petraan is an experience

Both the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Seven Wonders of the New Age, the ruined city of Petra is an absolute excursion destination for holidaymakers in Aqaba. Time for Petra has to be booked all day, but the experience is worth it.

Petra, which has been hidden for centuries, was a large city of the Nabateans 2,000 years ago. As the splendor faded, the city completely fell into oblivion for centuries.

The temples and tombs of the vast area are impressive in scale: how could this have only been built by manpower? The reddish sandstone creates a completely unique atmosphere in the landscape that changes as the shadows live according to the movements of the sun.

The journey from the car park into Petra passes through a long rock outcrop. If you wish, you can get there by horse or camel, but most of them walk.

The trip should be equipped with a bottle of water, good shoes and long-sleeved clothing. There is a great deal of fine sand dust floating in the area and, like the Bedouins, a scarf wrapped around the face may be necessary if necessary. It is smart for sensitive eyes and nose to grab an allergy tablet before the trip.

Wadi Rum Wilderness

In the Wadi Rum wilderness, encountering camels is more the rule than the exception. You can explore Wadi Rum on a jeep safari for a few hours or stay at a wilderness tent hotel. A Bedouin dinner in the darkness of the wilderness is not only delicious, but also an amazing experience and is part of several Wadi Rum excursions.

Shopping in the souk or on the neighboring side in Eilat

Shopping opportunities are concentrated in the downtown area. Spices, local crafts and ordinary tourist goods are available. There are some shoe and clothing stores and their price level is reasonable in Finnish. However, Aqaba cannot be called an actual shopping destination.

Many head from Aqaba to shop on the Israeli side of the neighboring country. Eilat’s shopping selection is also excellent for branded stores. It is easy to cross the border into Israel with a Finnish passport, but it is a good idea to set aside a lot of time for the process and leave early in the morning. Make sure the border closure time for the return trip in advance so you don’t run into surprises in the evening.

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