Andalusia, Spain Travel Tips

Andalusia getting around: How to get around in Andalusia

You’ve arrived at the airport in Andalusia, what’s next? We will show you different transport options in Andalusia.

Car hire in Andalusia

With a rental car you are of course very flexible and can organize your holiday in Andalusia according to your taste. You can get a rental car at every airport, so that your transfer to the hotel is already taken care of.

Depending on the season, you can get a car (e.g. a Fiat 500) from 30 euros a day. The petrol costs in Andalusia are roughly comparable to German petrol, maybe even a little cheaper.

But be sure to check what insurance coverage is included. Otherwise it can quickly become very expensive in the event of a breakdown! We therefore always compare rental car offers on Check24, because here you can see all the regulations on insurance, refueling and free kilometers at a glance.

Bus driving in Andalusia

Traveling by bus is a good alternative in Andalucia, especially if you are traveling on a budget. Because bus travel in Andalusia is extremely cheap and you can not only reach all larger cities, but also smaller villages. There are many different bus companies, the largest being Alsa .

Attention : In summer, the seats on the bus are quickly booked up. It is worth buying your ticket in advance. These are available at the train station, but also in most kiosks.

There are also the inner-city buses, for which you have to check the website of the local bus company.

Travel by train in Andalusia

Alternatively, you can also take the Renfe trains. They operate between most major cities such as Málaga, Granada or Seville. However, you cannot reach smaller holiday resorts with it and a ticket is usually much more expensive than a bus ride.

The best travel time for your Andalusia vacation

In Andalusia you can enjoy a mild climate all year round. The winter months are also pleasantly warm, so you can escape the German sleet weather. In summer it can even get up to 40 degrees inland.

If you are planning a holiday in Andalusia with a lot of sightseeing, spring from April to June is a good time. September to October are also good months, as it is still pleasantly warm.

Are you planning a beach holiday in Andalusia? Then you should travel to Andalusia between May and September. During this time you can swim well in the sea and the sun shines every day.


How much time should I plan for Andalusia?

According to Graduate Definitions, Andalucia is quite large, almost the size of Portugal overall. That’s why you can never plan enough time for Andalusia. The region offers enough highlights for several vacations.

For a first round trip to the most important sights, we recommend planning between 10 and 21 days – the more, the better. Cities like Seville, Malaga or Granada are also great for a city trip between 2 and 5 days.

Where is Andalusia located?

Andalucia is the southernmost of mainland Spain’s regions and sits right on the Mediterranean Sea. In the west, Andalusia borders directly on Portugal.

How big is Andalusia?

Andalusia is almost as big as Portugal and the second largest Spanish region in terms of area.

How many inhabitants does Andalusia have?

Andalusia has around 8.4 million inhabitants, making it the most populous region in Spain.

Is Andalucia expensive?

Andalusia is quite cheap by European standards. In Málaga, for example, you can get a room in a good hotel from around 60 euros a night, and a Spanish dinner with tapas costs between 10-15 euros per person.

Most of the beaches are free. But there are also paid beach sections, for example in Marbella or Málaga. A parasol with two loungers then costs about 6 euros per day.

Which travel guide for Andalusia do you recommend?

Do you want more Andalusia tips or do you just want a safety guide in your pocket? Then we have two recommendations for Andalusia travel guides for you.

Andalusia travel guide from Michael Müller Verlag
The Andalusia travel guide from Michael Müller Verlag has more than 700 pages and lots of tips for your holiday in Andalusia. It also contains ten beautiful hiking routes, a removable map, over 300 great pictures and recommendations for ecological shops. The all-round carefree package among travel guides, so to speak.

ADAC Travel Guide Andalusia
Don’t have much space in your luggage? Then the ADAC travel guide for Andalusia is just right for you. With 144 pages it is super compact and still contains information about all the top sights in Andalusia. And of course there are plenty of practical maps in the travel guide to match the ADAC.


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