Altamont, Missouri

Altamont, Missouri Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Altamont, Missouri is a small town located in Jefferson County, just north of St. Louis. It is bordered by several other cities and towns, each of which offer their own unique attractions and experiences.

To the east of Altamont lies the city of Hillsboro. This is a popular destination for those looking to explore the area’s history as it was once home to a number of Civil War battles. Today, visitors can take guided tours through the city’s historic sites or visit some of its many antique shops.

Just south of Altamont lies Arnold, Missouri. This small town is known for its vibrant downtown area which features several restaurants and shops. Additionally, visitors can take part in various outdoor activities such as hiking at the nearby Rockwoods Reservation or biking along one of its many trails.

Further west lies the city of Festus which is home to a variety of attractions such as the Festus Historical Museum and the Festus Drive-In Theater. The museum features a collection of artifacts from Festus’ past while the drive-in offers an old-fashioned movie experience with classic films playing on Saturday evenings throughout summer months!

Finally, just north lies De Soto, Missouri which boasts an array of outdoor activities from fishing to camping at its nearby state parks! Additionally, De Soto is home to two wineries offering tastings and tours for those looking for something unique!

Overall, there are plenty of things to do and see around Altamont! From visiting historical sites to exploring nature there are plenty of opportunities in this small town and its surrounding cities!

Altamont, Missouri

Population of Altamont, Missouri

Altamont, Missouri is a small town located in Jefferson County, nestled between Hillsboro, Arnold, Festus, and De Soto. According to the 2019 census data, the population of Altamont is estimated at around 4,700 people.

The majority of Altamont’s population is made up of white individuals (82%), followed by African Americans (10%) and Hispanics (4%). The median age in Altamont is 42 years old with 33% of the population being below the age of 18 and 11% above 65 years old.

Altamont’s economy is mainly based on service-oriented businesses such as retail stores and restaurants. The town also has a few small factories that produce wood products or other items for local distribution.

In terms of education, most adults in Altamont have obtained at least a high school diploma or equivalent; however, only 5% have obtained a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Despite this low percentage, the town still has an impressive number of students enrolled in post-secondary institutions across the state.

Altamont also boasts a strong sense of community with various events and activities throughout the year such as festivals, parades and weekly farmers markets. Additionally, there are several churches in town offering religious services as well as various volunteer organizations dedicated to helping those in need within the community.

Overall, Altamont is a small town with plenty to offer its residents! From its diverse population to its thriving economy there are plenty of reasons why this little town should be considered for relocation!

Schools and Education in Altamont, Missouri

Altamont, Missouri has a variety of educational options for students of all ages. The town is home to one public school district and two private schools. The public school district, Jefferson County R-VII, serves the town and its surrounding areas. It consists of two elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. Check searchforpublicschools for Missouri public schools by county.

The elementary schools provide an excellent education for young students, focusing on the basics like reading, writing, math and science as well as special courses such as music and art. At the middle school level there are more advanced courses like algebra and geometry offered in addition to various electives. Finally, at the high school level students can take college-level classes or even dual enrollment programs with local universities.

In addition to the public schools there are two private institutions available in Altamont: St. Mary’s Catholic School and Christian Academy of Jefferson County (CAJC). Both offer a faith-based education with an emphasis on Christian values in addition to core academic subjects like math and science.

Altamont also has several higher learning institutions nearby for those who wish to pursue post-secondary education after completing their high school studies. These colleges include Jefferson College in Hillsboro, Missouri University of Science & Technology (Missouri S&T) in Rolla, Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO) in Cape Girardeau, Missouri State University (MSU) in Springfield, Truman State University (TSU) in Kirksville, and Webster University in St Louis among many others.

Overall, Altamont offers great educational opportunities for both children and adults alike! From its excellent public schools to its various higher learning institutions nearby there’s something for everyone here!

Places of Interest in Altamont, Missouri

Altamont, Missouri offers a variety of places of interest for tourists and locals alike. The town is home to several historic sites such as the Altamont Civil War Monument, an obelisk erected in 1895 to honor the Union soldiers who died in battle during the Civil War. The monument is a popular attraction and has been featured in various books and magazines.

Another popular site is the Altamont Museum, which houses artifacts from the town’s past. Visitors can explore exhibits such as vintage photographs, documents and maps depicting the history of Altamont and its people, or take a tour of the museum’s collection of antique furniture and tools.

The town also has several parks where visitors can enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, biking or simply taking in the scenery. The largest park is Rainbow Park, which features a playground, picnic areas and two fishing ponds stocked with bass and catfish. Other parks include Veteran’s Park which honors those who have served in the military; Liberty Park which features tennis courts; and Mill Creek Park with its nature trails and bird watching opportunities.

The town also hosts several annual events such as an Independence Day celebration in July featuring live music performances, fireworks displays and carnival rides; Altamont Fall Fest held every September with craft vendors, food booths and entertainment; as well as an Oktoberfest celebration in October with German food specialties served alongside craft beers from local breweries.

Altamont has something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a place to relax or explore something new there are plenty of places to visit here!

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