10 Reasons to Visit Mauritius

10 Reasons to Visit Mauritius

  1. Excellent service

Mauritanians seem to have been born with an extraordinary attitude towards service and even coach other nationalities around the world on how to achieve the ideal level of service. Therefore, it is not surprising that all our partners in Mauritius offer a first-class level of service. See Countryvv for labor market in Mauritius.

  1. Great SPA centers

Mauritius hotels have raised the level of SPA to unprecedented heights. Treatment with salt, mineral and fresh water, mud, clay, sea salt, coastal silt, sedimentary rocks, natural cosmetics – all these are the components of Mauritius SPA services.

  1. Famous Green Courses – Golf

Fantastic natural scenery and warm climate provide wonderful opportunities for golf. Mauritius was the third country to develop golf as a sport after Britain and India. Today, countless golf courses can be found on the island. Enjoy.

  1. Gorgeous scenery

Wherever you decide to go on this amazing island, you will always be surrounded by beauty, from the Botanical Garden in the north to the Natural Park Valley in the south.

  1. Souvenirs

What is a trip without souvenirs. In Mauritius, as souvenirs, tourists usually buy exact copies of the old ships of the XV-XVIII that Mauritius is famous for, products made of ivory, wood, jade, fabric products – saris and hand-embroidered tablecloths, silk carpets and much more interesting and unusual.

  1. Luxurious kitchen

You will taste Moorish cuisine, a delicious combination of French, Indian and Creole ingredients mixed in dishes that can rightly be called “paradise”.

  1. Family vacation

For a holiday with the whole family, we recommend staying in a villa. If you are looking for a holiday that combines first-class amenities with the freedom and privacy of your own space, then a luxury villa is the perfect solution.

  1. Wildlife

Mauritius is home to many exotic wildlife, from elegant giant tortoises to cheeky macaques. All of them can be easily seen. Rarer species can be seen if you are lucky, such as Parakeet or Pink Pigeon. We would recommend going on a walking tour, available in different types of difficulty. You will be able to see waterfalls, canyons or cliffs and enjoy panoramic views from the peaks.

  1. Kaleidoscope of cultures

Mauritius is an unusual mix of charming cultures. To find out, we recommend that you visit Mauritius during the national festivals, with their lively and colorful celebrations. And at night, dwellings all over the island sparkle with thousands of lights – a beauty that must be seen with your own eyes. You can’t help but notice the friendly attitude of the locals.

  1. Paradise for bathing

Mauritius has always been famous for its beach holidays, where coral sands are washed by the turquoise waves of the Indian Ocean. Most of the beaches are in the north, west and east, with coral reefs and calm lagoons with rich and varied underwater life. An ideal place to go snorkeling, diving or windsurfing.


Cape Maleuret is the northernmost point of the island. Here is the tiny church of Notre-Dame-Oxillatris, famous for its roof, bizarre carved wood interior and font in the shape of a giant sea shell.

Triolet is a pretty village famous for having the largest Hindu temple in Mauritius, Maheswarnath Shiwala. Deer Island (Ile aux Cerfs) is a beautiful place with excellent beaches and a transparent lagoon, where sailing, diving and water skiing are practiced.

Rose Hill is home to many schools, colleges and the University of Mauritius. This lively town is also famous for its colonial-style buildings, Italian-style theatre, gallery and shopping arcades of the Arab quarter.

In the city of Curepipe, located almost in the center of the island, there is the Royal College, the town hall building, many colonial buildings, and a botanical garden. Local shops and restaurants are almost always full, especially during New Year’s celebrations and football matches (the largest stadium in Mauritius is located near the city). You should definitely visit the nearby Trou aux Cerfs, an extinct volcano with a crater 85 meters deep and 200 meters wide. 6 km from Curepipe is the Black River Gorge National Park with many plants and rare birds. In Turtle Bay (Turtle Bay) you can see the ruins of the ancient settlement of Balaclava.

Mahebourg is a town with a rich past, built in the bay of Grand Port, attracting tourists with the Chateau Robillard castle with the Museum of National History (old maps and engravings, swords of corsairs and the remains of sunken ships). In addition to walking along the picturesque sleepy streets and shops, it is worth visiting the confectionery factory and the church of Notre-Dame-des-Anges.

Souillac is a small village located along the rocky shores of Sawan County. There is very beautiful nature there: the Telfair garden, the Gris-Gris rocks, decorated with bizarre “stucco” due to many years of erosion, and, of course, the Rochester waterfalls. The Victoria 1840 Museum is an old sugar factory that has been carefully restored and is now part of the island’s cultural heritage. It houses the Maniglie Foundation (a student of the great Henri Matisse) and the Museum of Modern Art.

12 km from Port Louis is the city of Moka – the second most important place on the island after the capital. Local “must sees”: the former governor’s mansion “Le Redute”, the House of Eurek museum, the Domaine-le-Paille cultural center, the Gandhi Institute, where the Folklore Museum of Indian Immigrants is located.

You can also visit the Pamplemousses botanical garden in Mauritius, the Le Domaine des Pailles estate, which recreates the atmosphere of a former colonial estate and demonstrates the entire process of making rum – from processing sugar cane to the most exciting procedure, tasting.

Most of the entertainment on the island is of a sporting nature: golf, tennis, horseback riding, cycling, snorkeling, water skiing, surfing, kayaks and kayaks, parachuting. In addition, the Leisure Village water amusement park is open on the island, and casinos await the most gambling tourists at some hotels.

10 Reasons to Visit Mauritius

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